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We seek passionate professionals who love being or have the vision of becoming an HR entrepreneur.
Learn what it means to be an “Axeo Business Partner.”


Being a consultant may be the best thing many of us have done with our careers. As a consultant, you enjoy a flexible schedule, varied and challenging work, independence and financial rewards that are not typical in a traditional career.

We invite qualified human capital practitioners and entrepreneurs to apply.
Please submit your CV and a brief note describing why an Axeo consulting career may be a great fit for you. Should your profile meet our requirements, it would be our pleasure to contact you to discuss your experience.

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When deciding on the right consulting path to pursue, why should you consider becoming an Axeo Business Partner? In our many years of experience, several self-evident truths have emerged. First, no matter how talented you are or how broad a personal network you have, you ultimately must become a talented business developer. Most consultants greatly under estimate the importance of selling and many are not equipped or motivated to do so. Second, being in consulting has a romantic allure but in reality it is a business and needs to be run like one and YOU have to do it all!. The cost, time and effort to do all of this right can be overwhelming. Finally, being a consultant can be a lonely career, both personally and professionally. The experiences many of us enjoy in our jobs are the interactions with colleagues and on-going professional development.

Axeo offers you:

  • Training on how to be a consultant, not just a subject matter expert. Even if you are a seasoned consultant, this curriculum will be of value. We’ll teach you about the full life cycle of consulting and give you tips and tools for success in our trade.

  • Access to our library of proven processes, forms, templates and methodologies that will prevent the “reinventing the wheel” scenario.

  • A nationwide team of like-minded and experienced professionals to tap into for any client challenge you may face.

  • Infrastructure and total business support. We can do everything for you – marketing, billing, contracts, administration, etc.

  • The ability to be part of something bigger than yourself. Broad and deep resources that can make you look like a large consultancy with a total professional look and feel.

  • The flexibility and independence that suits your lifestyle.

  • On-going professional development. Learn from your colleagues and other thought leaders through Axeo workshops, presentations and whitepapers.

  • Fun! We believe that social and collegial interaction is key to long-term happiness.


Applicants invited to join Axeo’s consulting team must possess certain core attributes, assessed by Axeo’s competency-based selection model.
Past performance references in your area(s) of subject matter expertise also are required. Our clients need to know that our team of experts has met rigorous industry-leading requirements. We set the bar high!